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No one can do what we can when it comes to Primary Care  

CHP brings together independent physicians and specialists to streamline care, increase cost efficiencies and improve access to community resources. Because CHP has the largest primary care network in Central Virginia, we have a deeper, more patient-focused platform to align around quality and cost in a way not achievable in traditional health care models.

No one can do what we can when it comes to Coordinating Care

Because CHP physicians work as partners with established clinical pathways, there is a coordinated plan for our patients' care that streamlines their care from the primary care physician's office through specialty care. 


"We believe that the future of medicine is integrated care that is centered and focused on quality proven, cost efficient primary care. This is not only a local vision but one that crosses in every corner of our country."

- Dr. Thomas Eppes, President of CVFP Medical Group

"Two important goals of CHP are to improve the health of our patients by coordinating all aspects of their care under the auspices of a primary care physician and to utilize the excellent resources available in our community to deliver their care."

- Dr. Robert Brennan, President of Medical Associates of Central Virginia

"CHP provides our employer clients with access to true accountable, high quality primary care focused on improving the patient's health status, reducing the aggregate cost of care, and ensuring high levels of patient satisfaction."

- Jed Constantz, COO, Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions


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