Your Health

Collaborative Health Partners, the only place you need to go for your healthcare needs. We are committed to a system that focuses on preventive care, expanded access and the delivery of chronic and acute care.

We, as CHP, have developed a system to help you as the patient. With the aim of coordinating all aspects of the patient's medical care, we have developed this care coordination service.Patients

Our foundation is built upon a patient-centric, comprehensive system of primary care providers.

Primary care is provided by personal physicians—family physicians, general internists and general pediatricians—who take responsibility for the entire health of an individual or family. You may also have nurse practitioners and physician assistants on your primary care team. Primary care is your entry into the health care system and the medical "home" for ongoing, personalized care.

CHP has taken the time to find partners in like-minded specialists who are dedicated to improving your care, lowering the cost of care and delivering a great patient experience.

We support primary care efforts to engage in health interventions focusing on hundreds of conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, elevated cholesterol, headache, diabetes, depression, back pain and much more.

We also support the comprehensive coordination of care for patients throughout a confusing health care system, arranging for patients to get appropriate care for the best value.