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Our Direct Primary Care program, by Collaborative Health Partners (CHP), provides enhanced medical care designed to improve the scope of health benefits while reducing the costs of healthcare for the employees and staff of Liberty University. Direct Care provides direct access to your Primary Care Physician and other health providers.  Direct Care is a way to improve access to preventive care, sick care, physician-directed wellness resources, and physician-directed disease management services at no out-of-pocket costs to you, the employee. This simplification of providing direct primary care gives employees more direct, individually focused, and custom access to their primary care provider—with lower cost.





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Direct Primary Care can lower healthcare costs in many ways, including:
  • Reducing unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Better chronic care management which reduces the cost of high-risk conditions
  • Providing referrals to high-value specialists
  • Reducing costly complications by identifying and supporting high-risk and at-risk individuals

Employer partnerships with CHP aim to remove the barrier to primary care access in an effort to close the gap between employer wellness efforts and the local medical community.


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