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Our Direct Care program, by Collaborative Health Partners (CHP), provides enhanced primary care services designed to improve the scope of health benefits while reducing the costs of healthcare for employees and employers within Central Virginia. This direct primary care model aims to improve access to preventive care, sick care, physician-directed wellness resources, and physician-directed disease management services at no out-of-pocket costs to you, the employee. The simplification of providing direct primary care gives employees more direct, individually focused, and custom access to their primary care provider.

Direct Primary Care gives family physicians a meaningful alternative to fee-for-service insurance billing, typically by charging patients a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee. This fee covers all or most primary care services and can include some clinical and laboratory services, consultative services and other associated care costs. CHP works with your company or organization to find the best ways to serve your group. Our innovative approach helps maximize your overall healthcare costs and provide a higher level of care from our larger partner group that covers all of Central Virginia.

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Why Direct Care?

Simply, Direct Care benefits patients by providing substantial savings and a greater degree of access to, and time with, physicians— Something often lost in today's large healthcare organizations. This system allows family physicians to better, focused care for each patient while reducing the overhead and negative incentives associated with fee-for-service third-party-payer billing.


Direct Primary Care can lower healthcare costs in many ways, including:Outcomes employee healthcare providers insurance lynchburg

  • Reducing unnecessary emergency room visits
  • Better chronic care management, which reduces the cost of high-risk conditions
  • Providing referrals to high-value specialists
  • Reducing costly complications by identifying and supporting high-risk and at-risk individuals


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